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Default Re: Official Starcraft II Feedback Thread

Starcraft 2 sold over 1.8Million copies on Day 1 (Excluding Korea)

Early data is in and it looks like StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty has become the fastest-selling game of 2010 to date and one of the fastest-selling PC games of all time. VGChartz estimates that around 1.8 million units of the game were sold on day 1 across the Americas and Europe including both physical retail sales and download sales. This figure does not include players in Korea where it is virtually impossible to accurately estimate how many people will have purchased the game due to the way in which it is sold - mainly via time cards and also with Blizzard announcing that World of Warcraft users with an active account in Korea would be able to play the game free of charge. The number of players in Korea playing the game on day 1 could be as high at 3-4 million but only Blizzard will know for sure.

haha i would like to see that epic guy has to say about this..u they were saying piracy has destroyed pc gaming...and all that rubbish...

Well done Blizzard! A company that listens to the community and works with them to make the game better!

IW should take notes of this....oh wait...IW is dead HAHA
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