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Default Quadro NVS 450 on Ubuntu 10.04 crashes X / no screens


I am attempting to get this card to come up in Ubuntu, however it fails in a most interesting way. When gdm or startx are invoked, it kills all input devices and the screen. I have to basically hard reboot or ssh into it from another host to reboot it as the keyboard is dead.

I have tried the following already:

1) Ubuntu specific drivers, all of them.. all succeed but present same situation as above
2) Disabled/removed nouveau
3) Nvidia specific driver (256) compiles successfully
4) Run nvidia-xconfig as well as try to build my own xorg.conf with a known good profile for said monitor.

I can only get into failsafeX with low res graphics.. attempting to start X in any other way causes a crash.

Included is my bugreport. It basically says that there are screens found but none have a usable configuration, which is interesting since I can use this same X config with other nvidia cards and the same monitor without fail.

I cannot run nvidia-settings because it says I do not have an nvidia driver installed/in use because I'm in failsafe mode. Any suggestions would be helpful.
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