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Unhappy GTX 480 freezing


I have a problem... i bought GTX 480 to replace my GTX 285. It ran without a problem for a week after that.. one day my screen went blank and computer rebooted itself.. after that i couldn't login into windows... every time i entered a password at windows login the computer locked up/freeze... The only way to get into windows was via safe mode.

I said to myself okay.. maybe it's something wrong with windows.. so i did full reinstall. After that it worked fine for a few days.. and then this thing happened again. So i pulled out my GTX 480 and putted 8600 GTS into my computer after that computer works fine again.. no freeze/lock up at windows login.

I've tired cmos reset... older nvidia drivers... put gfx in and out of mobo nothing worked.

system specs:
Intel i7 920 D0
Asus P6T with lastest BIOS
Crucial Balistix 3x2GB DD3
Inno3D GeForce GTX 480
500GB WD
Corsair 750W PSU.
Windows 7 x64

Time for RMA?
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