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Default Re: System memory/resource leak with repeated vdpau based h264 decode

Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post

You don't mention what application you're seeing this problem in. Is it a custom application?

When you see the repro in MPlayer, can you describe your display configuration, and also provide a bug report? You mentioned that Xorg grows in size. Do you have a compositing manager active? Xorg shouldn't be involved if not. If you do, could you try disabling it, and seeing if that solves the problem?

Hi Stephen, Its a custom app that uses multiple threads to do the VDPAU based decode and render - coupled with ffmpeg (LGPL,dynamically linked). In earlier version I tried to do it with texture from pixmap / GLX and use GL to render multiple windows, but because of performance reason I ditched that and now render decoded video directly into multiple child windows. I disable compiz, this problem still happens after 3/4 days. Well Xorg is used because I request multiple child windows from x server and create multiple prsentation queues from them and run a sequence of these repeatedly in 10 second interval. I am now recompiling the latest version of x server - hopefully this is resolved in version 1.8. I hope the latest nvidia driver will compile along with it.
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