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Default Re: Silly steamapps question.

Originally Posted by Albo View Post
I had Windows 7 x86, before. And I decided to do a reinstall, because I was having numerous problems. I decided to go with x64 this time, and I installed steam, and I just copied my steamapps folder on a hard drive, external. Then I pasted them on my new install.
CSS is crashing for me, and I was wondering if this had anything to do with the different operating systems? Would the game files change? Or do all steam games install in x86 or something?

Right click on the the CS:S game in your steam library screen. Go down to and select properties. Click on local files tab, then on "Verify integrity of game cache". Let it do it's thing and see if that fixes it.

I think you'll likely have to uninstall and re-install CS:S though- since you went from 32-bit to 64.
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