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Default Re: A good wireless router

Originally Posted by grey_1 View Post
If you were using Netgear's WNDA3100 usb adapter I can see you having trouble - but the router itself was a cakewalk from initial setup to stealthing it, about 45 minutes just like betterdan said. What model was it?
I'm pretty sure it was the same model as yours. That's what it looks like as far as I can remember. I installed in like a year and half ago, if not later, so I don't remember what was wrong with it. I'm just happy it was finished, and I could go home.. I think it took like an hour to set up, then the update wasn't working, it was corrupted or something, so I had to reset the router and try again. I don't really remember, maybe something like that. Who cares. You set yours up fine, and my friend has his working fine. That's all that matters.
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