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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 460/465/470/480" thread

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
It's not the bezels I'm concerned about. When I'm at my parents, I use a tiny 23" display for iRacing and it's way too small. There are two issues: 1st I can see "the real world" above the screen and 2nd it doesn't give me the feel that I'm sitting in the car. Those issues would also apply to a surround setup with similar tiny 23-24" screens. The view would be wider but still very narrow in height. I'd love to get three 46-55" screens but I simply don't have room for that on my table
3x 46-55" = . By the way, my Phase unit will turn up on Monday. Can't wait to try some sub zero cooling on this Xeon.
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