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Default Re: Enable audio through HDMI on GT240

Originally Posted by lintweaker View Post
I guess you are right about the mismatch betweens your clip's sample rate and the minimum your TV supports. I also have trouble playing sounds which do not have at least the minimum sample rate of 44100 (even when using plughw).
I never had such problems with an older card (8600GT). Is it possible that upconversion was somehow done by itself, without me specifying it in mplayer options?

Other question is what are the side effects of having an upconversion "by default". What will happen if I have a DD / DTS audio stream and try to upconvert it as well?

EDIT: In my mplayer log I posted earlier, it looks like mplayer detects a 32000 Hz stream in the file, but outputs only a 22050Hz stream (if I do not specifically tell it to upconvert to 44100). I think this might be the key... How do I find out why mplayer does this 32000 --> 22050 conversion?
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