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Default Re: Tested Intel® Core™2 Duo with 480GTX for CPU bottleneck

Here's another test, this time using single player in BC2.

Test: First level (from point that it's first playable) for 10 minutes

Same settings as a few posts above.

First run: 2 cores (cores 3 and 4)

Frames, Time (ms), Min, Max, Avg
36491, 600000,____24, 94, 60.818

Second run: 4 cores

Frames, Time (ms), Min, Max, Avg
45334, 600000,____21, 116, 75.557

The first thing that you'll notice is that the minimum framerate on 4 cores is actually lower. Each run was slightly different, so that's what I got. However, it's impossible not to see the difference in Average FPS. 15 fps average gain going to 4 cores. In other words, there is more CPU to use than just 2 cores.

The same effect happened in this game with framerates. Although they look similar in terms of numbers, the gameplay difference was immense. On the 2 core run, I constantly felt the framerate hitching and stuttering inconsistently. However, on the 4 core run, it was very smooth and incredibly enjoyable. As I said, the numbers don't tell the whole story; the 4 core run was much more enjoyable simply because the framerate was much smoother.

Once again, Dual cores are starting to show their age. Quad Cores are the preferable CPU's for gaming. Hell, I've even tested BC2 on my fiance's computer, which has an e8400 @ 4.0Ghz. The framerate does the same thing as 2 cores on the PII 965; it constantly hitches and is less enjoyable. I just wish I had a Core 2 Quad to compare it against. I have a feeling that Core 2 Quads do much better in BC2 than Core 2 Duo's.

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