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Default Re: Tested Intel® Core™2 Duo with 480GTX for CPU bottleneck

Originally Posted by gerardfraser View Post
Thanks for the benches.I did not run multi player.Its fraps all runs will be different.So I guess I should buy dual CPU board and run 12 cores/24 thread and see how much better BC2 is.

Well I understand how to setup for a CPU bottleneck,damm theres always going to be a bottleneck somewhere.Its was just benches and it showing a older machine can run a 480GTX just fine.Thats all it is.

I agree some games are going to run better on more cores,there few games that do.The benches are for people wondering if a buy a better video how will the game play,most people can not afford new CPU/motherboard/ram for a few fps differeence in a couple couple games.
Well thanks for spending the time compiling everything. My point was just that you were comparing CPU's, so to determine bottleneck you need more than one setting for your graphics card. I was just wondering if you did that or used another source.
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