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Default Re: Geforce GTX SLI under Linux

Originally Posted by Spyke View Post
Latest 256.44 drivers fix the stuttering issue on Fermi completely. Thanks, now I can use SLI mode.

Ungine Heaven with extreme tess is still slow, but I guess thats just a performance issue that needs to be improved. At least now games are perfectly playable in SLI.
That's good to hear. One problem off the table! Nvidia ftw!

But I would still like to hear about the Doom 3 hack, just a quick word from a dev would be sufficient and I also would like to hear about the SLI plans for Linux: will profiles ever be updated and will we get more GUI control to enable and configure SLI? I mean, how hard can it be? The GUI tools are there already, it's just adding a few options... I understand that when SLI was just introduced to the Linux platform it's all just too new and should be experimental, but it's claimed as stable a very long time already. If Nvidia says Linux is a supported platform just as Windows, we shouldn't be treated as 2nd class citizens and benefit of the same tools as Windows users.

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