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Post WeeklyTube Issue 41: PhysX video overview

Gramy Mafia II by matrixserek

13 mins ofgameplay sequences from upcoming Mafia 2 title, Chapter 9 'Ball & Beans' (initial version is available at As you may notice from flowing character clothing and lots of dynamic particles ' APEX effects are enabled.

Unity Bootcamp by Hemiogenic

Tech demo, developed by Aquiris for Unity 3.0 engine release. All physics is held by latest 2.8.3. version of PhysX SDK.

PhysX in Unreal by unrealop

Some new tests of PhysX SDK integration with Unreal 1 engine, we mentioned before.

3Impact Physx Force Field Test by gtxx

Scene consisting of 150 primitives, 1736 fluid particles and a forcefield ' result of PhysX SDK implementation into 3Impact engine.

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