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Default Re: ** iPhone 4 mini-review **

Originally Posted by jiffy View Post
Sorry, this statement is incorrect. I have had my iphone4 since launch day and I do not have any signal drop by covering the antenna. I have also updated to the latest firmware and still no signal drop by covering the antenna. There is a consensus on other forums that some iphone4's have signal drop and others do not.
EVERY iPhone 4 has a signal attenuation issue.

Your understanding or personal experience of it is irrelevant. It can be duplicated on EVERY iPhone 4. Apple had a massive media conference regarding this and has a website dedicated to showing that other phones also have issues (according to them), so by saying I am incorrect, you are saying Apple is incorrect and retarded in giving out free cases?

Also, a single persons anecdotal evidence is not worth much, or that of a few people. The fact this is duplicable across all tested devices by various media outlets and engineers > what you or some people on websites say. I have the phone, I have duplicated it on my phone and all other iPhone 4's I have had access to (between myself and my friends, that is 4 devices). Austin is not generally considered a low signal area
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