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Default Re: Mafia 2

Hmm...not looking good, here's another.

Official Xbox Magazine gave the 360 version a 7/10

+Interesting and detailed world
+Good soundtrack
+Varied missions

-Boring characters
-Action and Car chases are a snooze fest
After paying of his mothers debt, there's no reason for Vito to stay in the mob, and make's the whole story feel disconnected.

''Mafias 2 cast doesn't quite make the grade in any respect. At best they are relatively boring people to be stuck in a car with and banter routinely reaches such lows as 'says the guy who can barely change a lightbulb.' at worst they are childish, misogynistic idiots. having quickly repaid his mothers loan, vito in particular doesn't seem to have any kind of decent reason for being in the mob besides being work-averese, which doesn't drum up a great deal of sympathy as he 'moiders' his way to respect and riches.''

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