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Default Re: Poor 2D Performance

Originally Posted by adamk75 View Post
Why would you link to an article about r600g when discussing HD5xxx cards? HD5xxx cards are r800.
I know, i was just proving my point, even the old video cards are still not yet fully supported for 3D.

Originally Posted by konst View Post
They may not be perfect yet but they're in WIP status and dual-link DVI works and a lot of other features. Still beats nouveau drivers cause ATI published the cards data needed to create the open source drivers.
yep, i agree, yet this is not the Nouveau forum, and while it's great that ATI provided the docs, and while i would like a similar move from nVidia to help Nouveau, i doubt it you would buy a HD5850 just to have 2D via open-sourced drivers and to wait another month or another 6 months or whatever for some 3D support ( OpenGL 2.1 specs while the card supports the recently released OpenGL 4.1 ) enough to play UT2004 and Q3.
Oh, well it's your money so have fun!

Originally Posted by konst View Post
Still 2D performance still sucks on the Nvidia closed source drivers on KDE 4.4.5 but not that bad on KDE 3.5
what test case? KDE4 settings? driver settings? pics? screen captures? or you just posted for nothing?
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