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Default Re: Finally solved Nvidia driver problems!

Originally Posted by grey_1 View Post
Don't not like me Bro - I have enough people who do that already

Mind you that's on my 3 year old XPS with intel gfx chip,and smooth as butter. The way I like Gnome configured it uses less resources than KDE, which may account for the roughness KDE had with OS11.3 for me. Don't have it with me atm, but mem usage is usually about 25% lower with similar settings between the 2 DEs. That's my lappy though, yours may have more resources to spare.

EDIT: That's Cairo dock btw. Highly themeable and configurable through it's own GUI.
Yea...I read about Cairo over the weekend, but haven't had the time to muck with it.

I couldn't ever really not not like you.....Heck, PETA would throw me in jail for silverback abuse....

Don't tase me bro...
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