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Default Re: Enable audio through HDMI on GT240

Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
andrewju, from your description, it sounds like MPlayer simply gives up and doesn't output any sound if the HW doesn't support the sample rate of the audio in the file. Perhaps somebody more familiar with MPlayer's internals can confirm/deny this behaviour.
If I understand mplayer log correctly, it does output sound. But it converts the sampling rate from 33000 to 22050 Hz, for some (unknown) reason.

Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
Your TV doesn't support 22050/32000 directly, which is relevant, because digital audio is being sent directly to it with your new card.
I played with 'speaker-test' a bit and it looks like my TV is able to decode 33000 Hz stream (I can hear the test noise), but not 22050 Hz one. So I think my sound could have been fine, if mplayer didn't change the sampling rate.

Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
I think with your 8600, you were using the analog output from your sound-card and looping that into the 8600 using a cable? In that case, the sound card may have supported those other sample rates, which the 8600 then digitized at one of the TV's supported sample rates?
I used an S/PDIF cable from my onboard audio to the 8600GT. So it wasn't analog, but still it was quite a different set up. Unfortunately I don't have any mplayer logs stored since that time, so I can't check how it was behaving in that configuration...
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