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Default Re: Isn't vbulletin 4.0 out?

Originally Posted by Hakaslak View Post
So I came back because I remembered I used to post here a bit, and was surprised to see the old vbulletin boards still kicking.

v4 was released a while ago xD
Sure, but when you have over 100k members and over 2 million posts, there's really no reason to upgrade unless you really have to (e.g. huge performance/security improvements).

Originally Posted by ragejg View Post
By that way of thinking we should all be using WinXP with Office 2000. Progress is good.
I remember when Mike upgrade vbulletin last time. I believe he had it done by the writers of vbulletin. Given the amount of traffic and users daily, updating vbulletin isn't a walk in the park...

So I think six's mentality is best in this case. But I can't read Mike's mind (yet). He may go for it in the near future.
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