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Default Re: SLI GeForce GTX 460 @ 775/1000 versus Radeon HD 5970 @ 800/1150 !!!

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
Also keeping in mind that ATI's HD6000 series is due in september/october,which will be an entire lineup of cards and faster than the current HD5000 series across the board(remains to be seen how much faster of course),and only now has Nvidia come out with a really good GPU in the form of the GF104,in terms of power consumption and performance and even allow a dual GPU card,to fight cards released 8 to 10 months ago by ATI.

I hope i'm wrong,i really do,but i think Nvidia are going to have a really tough time competing for the next long while,as ATI has the option to make their chips larger and having a bigger transistor budget with this HD6000 series,as the Cypress chip is only 334mm^ in it's current form and they use alot less power than Fermi.

The high end version of fermi is already over 500mm^ at 40nm and is power hungry,so major changes to that can only happen when 28nm is ready from either TSMC or global foundries,and that won't happen till the end of next year,so i don't see a rosy picture at least for another year for Nvidia here.....ATI is giving them hell basically.
And this has to do with what in accordance to these benchies? Wait until SI releases, then boast.

All I see is a $450.00 vid card setup pretty much equal to a (woops) $700.00 setup. Of course this is if you already own a sli capable board and a beefy enough psu.

P.s. Thought ATI couldn't do SS in dx10, as per The Call of Juarez bench. If so, the numbers would seem out of whack.
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