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Default Re: GTX 460 vs 465 vs 470?

Originally Posted by AGibbon View Post
How can it not be a decent upgrade when ATI doesn't even have the certain features he is asking for? He isn't in same crazy res either that a 460 or 470 couldn't handle. My lightweight rig plays everything I throw at it in 1920 x 1080. Yea, I can't slap tons of AA on a lot of titles, but it doesn't bother me in the least. The ones I can, I do.

Of course it probably would be better to have a dedicated card for physx though, instead of making one card handle it. My choice would be the 1 gig 460 as I see heat and power draw would be his main concern.

Don't count on ATI to fix any AA issues. Hope they do, but I would never count on it.
Because a 5850 is already faster and using Physx on a 460 would make it significantly slower? Not to mention the fact that he wants AA in Starcraft, which is nearly unplayable with a 460. He also mentioned noise and heat are issues, so the 470 would be a bad choice as well. Also, Ati has already fixed the AA issue in Starcraft.

I dunno, I just don't see the point in sidegrades, especially when the extra features you are looking to add end up making your new card slower than the other. If a 460 was as fast as a 5850 while using those extra features I could see it, but to go slower just for Physx doesn't seem smart.
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