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Default Re: SLI GeForce GTX 460 @ 775/1000 versus Radeon HD 5970 @ 800/1150 !!!

Originally Posted by AGibbon View Post
And this has to do with what in accordance to these benchies? Wait until SI releases, then boast.

All I see is a $450.00 vid card setup pretty much equal to a $600.00 setup. Of course this is if you already own a sli capable board and a beefy enough psu.

P.s. Thought ATI couldn't do SS in dx10, as per The Call of Juarez bench. If so, the numbers would seem out of whack.

Still doesn't change the point that the HD5970 was released in november of last year,and here we are about 10 months later,and trying to impress with an SLI setup using recently released cards,against a 10 month old single card,and which is still the fastest single card on the market overall....Wait long enough,and you'll eventually get something faster for less money,even if in this case,it needs to be an SLI setup with 2 cards.

Nvidia used to release dual GPU cards about 5~6 months later after ATI released their dual GPU cards,in order to reclaim the overall peformance crown for a single card,so what happened this time,and why is it taking so damn long to beat that HD5970 card?

And yes,ATI's next series is about 2~3 months away,and Nvidia better pray that those cards don't add another 40~50% more performance over their current HD5000 lineup,otherwise i see Nvidia's pain lasting well into 2011,but that's just my opinion really.
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