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Default Re: What's yer phone?

Originally Posted by betterdan View Post
I mainly wanted something with a decent GPS, weather abilities and phone all in one so i could put it in my pocket and use on motorcycle rides. The Vibrant seemed like the newest fastest thing out so I figured the GPS would work just like any other phone. I knew it wouldn't be as good as my wife's garminfone but then I didn't expect it to be as bad as it is now.
I love the phone too, just the GPS is a let down.

I have seen on the T Mobile forum people are using Launcherpro and saying it is faster than TW. I am fine with TW myself.
I don't have any specific problem with TW per se, but I like unskinned Android a bit more. I've never used LauncherPro so I don't know whether to go that direction at this point, although it does look good from what I've read.

I am really happy to be sticking with ATT, believe it or not. The fastest speedtest I ran on my previous phone (BlackJack II) was ~5.5Mbits. Ran one today on the Captivate @ ~6.4, and wireless speedtest of 12+Mbits. The crap Blackjack didn't even have wireless support, so I'm enjoying that aspect immensely.

I rooted the phone earlier and am tinkering now with sideloading apps, removing ATT bloatware and a couple measures to reduce lag on the phone but so far I just love this thing. Battery life appears to be a rough deal but hopefully Battery Defender, Advanced Task Killer, etc. will help with that. I suppose with these massive displays that some of this is unavoidable for now. I absolutely appreciate the oversatured display though. The Droid X looked pretty washed out by comparison, but in fairness, this display doesn't hold a candle to the iphone 4...

dan, have you attempted any of the GPS fixes posted on xda and androidforums? People seem to be reporting decent success with the workarounds until an official update can (hopefully) solve the issue for good.
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