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Default Re: SLI GeForce GTX 460 @ 775/1000 versus Radeon HD 5970 @ 800/1150 !!!

Originally Posted by AGibbon View Post
Not sure on their dual gpus, other than trying to get power and heat under control.

Yes, SI will be here soon. Not arguing that at all. Just that, you can't compare in benches when there are none. Only can offer theoretical numbers. Wasn't a slam.

Of course not,but it's a given they'll be faster no matter what,and that Nvidia is still paying the price of being really late,and still not having a Dual GPU card themselves that beats the HD5970,most likely for power and heat reasons like you mentioned.

Will a dual GPU card based on the GF104 do it?,it might give the HD5970 a good run for the money given the benchmarks posted,but by the time it might be released to market,you guessed it,here comes SI from ATI,which again,will probably have a Dual GPU based version yet again(HD6970??),so i'm not sure Nvidia will bother with it,trying to beat a card from what will be the previous generation by then.
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