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Default Re: GT220 256.35 Kernel 2.6.34 rminitadapter failed

Originally Posted by Ulukai View Post
I'm sorry I can't help you further immediately. I would have re-installed the / partition already
I appreciate your help!

I hate having to reinstall, not just for the extra work, but because the problem wasn't really found or fixed. There's nothing that bugs me more than having an issue, searching all over the Internet and finding people with the same exact problem -- but their only fix was to wipe and reinstall. It doesn't help the original person, and it doesn't help anyone else who happens to run across it.

That being said, it's beginning to look like that's what I'm going to have to do I originally did an in-place upgrade from opensuse 11.1 to 11.3, so I'll try a complete wipe and reinstall this time.

Thanks again for your help up to this point!

I'm still open for suggestions from anyone at the moment, won't be reinstalling for another week or so (going on vacation soon).
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