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Post Get your 3-Screen 3D Vision Rig with Black|OPS

Digital Storm has just announced a new desktop gaming system called 'Black|OPS' that aims to combine 1080P HD Visuals with NVidia's GTX400 GPU's to provide 3-screen 3D Vision surround gaming goodness.
Those who have never played on a 3D gaming system across three 1080p displays should be prepared to have their breath taken away. NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 400 GPUs generate the graphics horsepower to drive 750M pixels/second for 3 screens in full HD 1080p 3D Vision gaming for an incredible 5760?1080 experience. In terms of compatibility, NVIDIA's intelligent software automatically converts over 425 games to stereoscopic 3D without the need for special patches.

They're not bad on prices either. $2800 gets you the GTS250 version, but upgrade to only $3000 for GTX460 Fermi-driven goodness. Full Press Release after the break.

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