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Default Re: Do you care about 3D gaming?

I voted yes!

It's about the choice of 3d and what it may do to improve immersion and realism over what a 2d experience may be. Gamers talk about 3d graphics but are playing on a 2d flat screen and with 3d stereo, well, it is offers the look of true 3d; as every thing has a dimensional feel to it. When done well, everything is heightened and the subtle of details are magnified like smoke, dust particles, magical effects -- things of this nature. One of the coolest things are heights, where one really gets the feeling of acrophobia -- another is sheer scale -- when one looks over a valley -- the scale is there. When playing RTS games, the units look so real one could reach out and move them with your hands and when they explode, the subtle effects from the sparks, lighting, smoke, particles, pieces of destruction -- all have depth from each other and a real treat. The other cool aspect is pop out where objects literally come out of the screen or float out side the screen.

It's not all beautiful fairies with that dynamic smile showering the world with magic pixie particles but tangible frustration at times. CrossTalk concerns and tolerances, some sacrifices with settings, some titles shine much more than others. What a gamer is willing to trade-off to enjoy 3d stereo. Costs.

But when done well, it is a magnificent experience that raises the bar of immersion and realism and pleased to see the industry is behind it -- and about frigg'n time.
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