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Default Re: NVIDIA driver crashing with OpenGL apps and Xorg v1.7.7

Originally Posted by Licaon View Post
then there's something fishy in the Mandriva 2010.1 Xorg v1.7.7 build, as 1.7.7 is working ok on Debian and Ubuntu ( on my machines anyway ) with the nVidia drivers; yep, ossxmix works flawless
With what graphic card, what desktop environment, what window manager, etc ?... It's perhaps a bit too easy to accuse Mandriva and brag about Ubuntu... Mind you, I had a close look at the patches used in Mandriva's Xorg packages (and also compared them with the patch set for their v1.4 server which works fine), and found nothing "fishy" (most patches are even shared with/come from other distros, including Redhat and Ubuntu)... I bet that if I were to install Ubuntu and use exactly the same software as with Mandriva, on the same computer, I'd hit the very same bug...

My guess is that under certain conditions (that not everyone will encounter), Xorg v1.7 (and in a lesser measure v1.6) triggers a bug in Nvidia drivers, or vice-versa.

Only a NVIDIA developer could tell what happens exactly (based on the stack trace and logs I gave in this thread), since the NVIDIA drivers are closed sources...
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