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Default Re: Incorrect or no vsync on GT240

Originally Posted by hl_ View Post
It is possible to select which output OpenGL should sync to, check the documentation.
OK, for gl2 on TV I need to set __GL_SYNC_DISPLAY_DEVICE . Unfortunately this results in the tear I was complaining about, although there's no tear on the monitor. Well ...

Originally Posted by hl_ View Post
By the way, the "gl" output should work fine on your GPU. If something really bad (image corruption or crash) happens, it is likely that you have a hardware problem.
"gl" is also a much better and more capable driver than "gl2", despite the name.
Do you have some links to additional info that supports this? I suspect that there's something wrong with my particular card, but it's hard to get it exchanged, since it sort of works. OTOH if that's how a GT240 is supposed to work, there's no point in exchange it. At any rate, I have 4 Linuxes installed, with several driver and mplayer versions and trying to use "gl" on any of them invariably leads to crashes.

Originally Posted by hl_ View Post
Anyway, xv should also avoid tearing if no compositing manager is running. Something must be seriously broken.
Yes, after disabling the compositing manager xv doesn't show the tear, but for some reason the playback isn't smooth. Good thing VDPAU works.
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