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Default Re: GTX 460 vs 465 vs 470?

Originally Posted by Bah! View Post
Because a 5850 is already faster and using Physx on a 460 would make it significantly slower? Not to mention the fact that he wants AA in Starcraft, which is nearly unplayable with a 460. He also mentioned noise and heat are issues, so the 470 would be a bad choice as well. Also, Ati has already fixed the AA issue in Starcraft.

I dunno, I just don't see the point in sidegrades, especially when the extra features you are looking to add end up making your new card slower than the other. If a 460 was as fast as a 5850 while using those extra features I could see it, but to go slower just for Physx doesn't seem smart.
Yea Bah....sorry, didn't know they fixed it. Been out of the loop for a few weeks. Good news indeed. Blizzard should supported it in the first place. They shouldn't have left it for the graphics vendors to get it working.

Spot on everything else. As I said the 460 should be teamed with a 240 or something for his Physx wants. Alone would be a pretty big hit. Depends on what framerate is playable for KAC.
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