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Default Re: slizone's psu's for gtx 480 3 way sli

the 1200 watt is fine for pci-e connectors. It has 3 6 pin and 3 8 pin on it being the one I am using now. It's the silverstone 1500 watt that sucks. The modular connections are 4 pci-e ports with one 6 pin and one 8 pin on each wire. since you can't use both (it acutally physically impossible) pinouts per wire, that means you can have 2 300 watt cards with the silverstone. Like I said, the silverstone is a waste of a power supply for what you can connect. If I could find it, I would get the amatech axe deluxe 1500 watt. The amatech has proper amount of connections for 3way sli as I have read through reviews.
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