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Default Ubuntu 10.04 with 3100M - 75% boot failure, black screen

I have a Dell E6510 laptop containing an NVIDIA 3100M card. I'm running 32 bit Ubuntu Lucid (10.04), currently using the 256.44 driver.

About 75% of the time the machine fails to boot - after 3-4 seconds, and without showing anything on the screen (text or graphical), it hangs with a black screen with a flashing text-mode cursor. Pressing Ctrl-Alt-F7 (or any other keys) has no effect.

However, roughly once in every 4 attempts ureadahead and plymouthd are killed by the OOM killer (this shows on a text-mode screen), and the machine boots correctly and functions without problem.

Any help or pointers would be very appreciated.

Thanks ........................ JD
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