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Default Re: Drivers won't load: EVGA GS250, Ubuntu 10.04(32bit),Asus A8N-SLI, AMD64 X2 4800

I was out of town for a week...

I tried 192M and it worked. Hulu still tears at full screen, but I don't have a way to know whether it is really the driver or maybe flash doesn't use hardware acceleration under linux. I'll have to find some other test app before I worry about that.

But I still don't understand what I am doing with the memory. Is my system now acting as if it only has 192mb of physical memory? Or is the kernel using 192mb and the video driver is sharing that? If the former, why should I not set the parameter to use all of the memory? And if the latter, is there no way to calculate how large it is actually supposed to be? Do all of the drivers share the kernel memory, or is this just something strange with the nvidia drivers?
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