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Default Re: Anyone else getting a Samsung Galaxy S phone?

I saw this video about the GPS problem

I noticed the Vibrant in the video has the time off by 5 hours from the other phones. I checked mine and it is 5 hours off also. I checked my wife's Garminfone and the time is right on the money. Maybe this has something to do with the GPS problem.

Also I exchanged my first Vibrant for another and this one seems better so far. I can actually get a lock on the GPS inside the house by the window and outside it gets a lock in under 1 minute. Much better but still the accuracy needs work. In GPS Test it sees a lot of satellites but has a hard time locking on more than 2 or 3.

Stoneyguy and Hawkeyefan can you download GPS Test and see if your local time in the app is also 5 hours off?
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