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Default Re: Poor 2D Performance

Originally Posted by xazero View Post
I'm not who you are asking those questions to, nor Im going to make this bigger but KDE + nvidia is a pain in the a$$ for may of us.
Who did you think i've asked since i've quoted:
Originally Posted by konst
Still 2D performance still sucks on the Nvidia closed source drivers on KDE 4.4.5 but not that bad on KDE 3.5

It does not matter for him/her anymore anyway since s/he got an Ati HD5850 in the mean time.

I don't deny that some users might have issue but my question remains: in what situation do you see issues? so i can test this on my system, and if i don't have this issue maybe there's something else at fault ( X patches specifically put by a distro, or KDE ones, or whatever )

Or maybe i should not try to help anyone since everybody gets all defensive about his/her beloved distro, does not accept any other opinion and/or advice when trying to pinpoint the faulty software component ( may that be distro specific X, KDE, Gnome or the nVidia driver ) and only get stuck in "nVidia blob must be at fault since it's not open-source" mode. I'm no fanboy ( except for quality: software and hardware ) and i would of switched to ATI long ago if they would get their Linux driver in shape, but until that happens nVidia is still #1.
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