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Originally posted by saturnotaku

But at least you were able to fall back to a perfectly functional set of drivers. You've not been hung out to dry. This is why I get on ATI's case because I was never able to find a set to fall back on in case I ran into problems future releases. Your card works fine on those drivers and when the next set comes out, you can try those. Me, I had problems with the 40.41 and 40.52 sets. 40.71's are working great for me so far. Such is the nature of leaked drivers.
More importantly than being able to fall back on functional drivers; nVIDIA actually fixes the problems quickly and leaks the set to the public for testing. We all know these leaks are organized. Sometimes it may take a little while, but in the case with the 40.xx drivers, nVIDIA did a pretty good job eliminating the problems with UT2003 for example and releasing them. This is something you'll never see with ATi, unless there was a major flaw somewhere, but frequent driver releases from ATi are virtually non-existent.

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