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Default Re: Poor 2D Performance

I am really getting mad at NVidia. I already spent months tuning the 2D performance under Linux.

1. With a Geforce FX 5200 at work it took me months and various tweaks until the results were acceptable.
2. Some high-end Geforce GTX worked quite nicely in 2D out of the box.
3. Now the 2D issues are back, this time on a GF 8200.

Please don't tell me that the hardware isn't capable:
- the nouveau driver works fast even on the GF 8200 (but not stable at the moment)
- the 195.36.31 works fast after reboot but gets sluggish after a while

I get the impression that NVidia deliberately keeps the 2D performance of low-end cards below what they are capable of in the hope that some users will switch to higher-end cards in addition to what they have onboard.
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