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Default Re: NVIDIA driver crashing with OpenGL apps and Xorg v1.7.7

Originally Posted by Licaon View Post
(on my secondary system) 8600GT, Gnome, Metacity ( or whatever Ubuntu 10.04LTS ships with )
Therefore not identical to mine: again, your own results wil be different from mine.

So, it's a Gnome issue then? Or a Sawfish one?
It's not since everything works fine with the SAME Gnome and Sawfish versions but with Xorg v1.4.2...

Maybe you should test KDE4 and Metacity with X 1.7.7 before pointing at the nVidia driver?

Maybe you should test any other distro with Gnome/Sawfish and X 1.7.7 before pointing at the nVidia driver?
You apparently don't understand... Please, re-read my first message. I'm not pointing specifically at Nvidia drivers, but I'm saying (and proving) that Nvidia drivers and Xorg v1.7 do not play nice together on my system. This is a FACT. Another FACT, is that since Nvidia drivers are closed sources, only Nvidia developers *can* properly investigate (especially since the crash occurs in a routine pertaining to their driver: see the stack trace log).

Now, since you are not an Nvidia developer, and since you are not using the same system as mine, I don't think your contribution to this thread is of any help, and since I have better things to do, I'll stop replying your messages here. Thank you.
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