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Default Re: Another GT-240 Audio/video Issue

Originally Posted by mlord View Post
What output path/device are you using for the audio playback?

Eg. audio over HDMI, or SPDIF-out from the PC, or 5.1 analog out, or simple stereo out, etc. I don't mean the software settings, but rather which hardware pathway is being used?

I have a GT-240 card here, plus an HDHR, and life is generally very good on playback. I'll enable logging and look for the dropped frame messages later, just for interest sake.

Edit: Mmm.. nothing about dropped frames in the default mythfrontend.log output; did you have to enable any special logging flags to get those messages?
I am using the HDMI-out on the GT 240 to carry both audio and video to my receiver.

To enable verbose logging, I think it was mythfrontend -v audio,playback. You can run mythfrontend -v help or something like that to see the valid switches.

Without these verbose switches you will not see anything about dropped frames in the log.
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