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Default Re: Ordered A Droid X

I'm loving mine too. Do yourself a favor and pickup beatutiful widgets and launcher pro. After getting rid of motoblur it's been one of the smoothest, fastest phones, I've ever used.

I play a lot of golf, so I picked up the pro version of FreeCadie. This thing finds pin locations within 15 seconds of me starting the app. I watched the same app on the incredible and the vibrant, let's just say it wasn't fair to the other two phones.

While I agree it's a "large" phone, I've never found it to be bulky or in the way. The thinness is sublime. Slides easily in and out of pockets. Swype = <3 and we'll be getting 2.2 by the end of the summer. How awesome is that.

Everyone that bitches about the locked boot loader has apparently never done the "custom rom" or the "custom rom battery pull" dance. Once I get 2.2, my interest in custom roms is nill. We have root, enjoy your free tethering and mostly, enjoy this awesome device.

oh and one last thing, play around with the panorama photos. absolutely amazing. love the video this thing records. love the screen. it's the one of the first times I've been so satisfied with a mobile device.

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