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Default Re: Ubuntu 10.04 with 3100M - 75% boot failure, black screen

Hello John,

first of all you seem to have installed the driver by compiling it manually. This is not recommended at all and might lead to problems. Please either use the packages provided by ubuntu or at least some ppa packages which hook up the driver correctly with dkms.

Then: The OOM-killer is invoked when the machine is out of memory. In this case the problem seems, at least to me, unrelated to the nvidia driver. The only problem related to the driver seems to me the display port, which it has problems with. Are you using display port?

But the information found in the bug report (dmesg / /var/log/messages) is valuable. I'd recommend you go over to launchpad and report this as a bug there.

In the meantime you could try to disable the ureadahead service. If the system never comes up, you can use a live system with chroot. I have some wiki articles regarding this, but unfortunately they are all in german.

Kind regards,

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