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Default Need help picking

Hey I'm new here so hey to everybody!

I'm thinking about buying a new gaming desktop, I was going for a gaming laptop and they were a bit on the expensive side, so a gaming desktop it is

I can't decide between graphics cards, it offers me two cards (as in two in my computer),
the nVidia GTS 250 512MB PCI Express in SLi mode X2
the nVidia 9800 1GB PCI Express in SLi mode X2
the nVidia GTS 250 1GB X2
and finally the nVidia GTX 260 896MB X2

I know a few things about computers, I wouldn't get confused if somebody told me 'my processor has a speed of 2.88GHz' for example. But I'm really not sure about Graphics Cards, I tend to go for the most expensive as that tends to be the best.

The rest of the spec's on the computer are;
AMD Phenom x4 956 Black Edition, 3.40GHz Quad Core 8MB Cache
8GB Crucial PC10600 1333MHz DDR3 Ram
Asus M4N75TD Motherboard

In my mind I think that's a good set-up, and I was hoping you all could help me pick on the graphics card.

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