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Default Quadro FX4800 Display Port Issues On Second Screen


I have just read the thread titled:

intermittent failure to detect both screens on fx4800 with recent drivers

This sounds exactly like an issue I am having.

I have the following configuration:

Dell R5400 workstation, with Quadro FX4800 GPU. Planar stereo monitor SD2620W. The DVI output is connected to the first screen, and the right hand display port is connected through a Dell supplied display port to DVI adapter, through a planar hardware based flip mirror card in the R5400, to the second monitor DVI input.

I can get both screens to appear in the nvidia tool at the required resolution (1920x1400) but frequently do not get the second screen after reboot / repower. Restarting x sometimes clears the issue but often does not.

I have used various drivers and still see the issue. I am using the latest driver currently -

I don't see a hot plug / video input control option on the planar monitor as mentioned in the previous post.

I have looked up Hosiden adapters, but have not found a supplier - could you recommend a part number / distributor?

Attached are the log files off my machine if they are of help.


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