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Default Re: No connected display devices on GeForce 310M with a Sony Vaio

In the end I finally got it to work by installing the 256.44 driver, as danix suggested, and obtaining the EDID file in MS Windows as suggested by this post:

I have attached the EDID file in case someone with the same hardware as me stumbles with the same problem.

Now I have one last challenge: external monitors. If I connect an external monitor and fire up the X server with the following options in the device section:
   Option             "ConnectedMonitor"   "DFP-0"
   Option             "CustomEDID"          "DFP-0:/etc/X11/youredid.bin"
the external monitor remains undetected. But if I remove those lines the X server detects only my external monitor. I'm ok with that.

I figured a clever thing to do is to execute a script immediately before the X server starts which prepares the xorg.conf depending on the detection of the monitor: i.e. if it detects an external monitor, comment out the ConnectedMonitor option, otherwise leave those options on.

But I don't know how to detect if I have an external monitor connected before starting the X server! Does anyone know how to do that? Maybe an nVidia driver utility? X server utility? xrandr says "Can't open display"...

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