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Default Re: 256.44 cpu / X spike

I'd guess the culprit is firefox, with about 80 tabs. I have a lot of apps open always, many kates, several konquerors, icedove/thunderbird.

I also notice a lesser X use with 256.35, but definitely present, didn't notice it with the 195 series, but I can check that one too.

Since I use sessions, the stuff open is pretty much always the same, barring some differences in open firefox tabs.

I also kill all moving image gifs etc with web dev toolbar, and use yes script. But I don't recall seeing this high an X cpu use with the older drivers.

Here's the 256.35 bug logs.

I'll try the 195 and see if there's a difference.

<sorry, I mixed up the bug report logs>

log.gz is 256.44, log.old.gz is 256.35
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