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Default Re: 256.44 cpu / X spike

I went back to 195.36.31, same exact session, tabs, etc, X use back to normal, between 2-9% cpu, hovers generally at 2-3% of dual core amd 3800, 2 ghz.

With both 256 drivers, cpu spikes up to between 40 and 95% after the system has been on for a while. I'd say, in technically incorrect terms, that it looks like something is causing a cpu leak.

Actually, better still, with frequency control, x takes about 2-4% of 1000-1800 mghz speed. A definite difference here, I'd say the more extreme firefox tab use, if I were to guess, is not so much the cause, but is exposing something that isn't quite right, probably in the driver, hard to say, but 195. is working exactly as expected, no spikes at all, with the identical desktop and apps etc 256 was running.

I'd call this a bug.

Added bug log for 195 driver, I think one of hte ones I uploaded above is the wrong one, I'll fix it.
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