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Default installing linux FX3700 binary for 3D vision Ubuntu9.04; segfault & EFS error; no 3D

I'm trying to install Linux binaries for FX3700 on Ubuntu 9.04 64bit, in order to get 3D vision according to the following procedure.

When I try the existing drivers with 9.04, i.e. GLX 185, I cannot get glxgears -stereo: Error: couldn't get an RBG, Double-buffered, Stereo visual.

My xorg.conf file, which this system won't let me upload ("invalid file"), reflects that of the link above.

When I try to get the latest Linux 64 driver for the FX3700 and sh, the binary eventually produces a seg fault, and I get a EFS error when I boot. I would love to try the correct binary if I could get it loaded. Unfortunately, envy does not support 9.04, and jockey does not seem to find this .run file properly.

Can anyone suggest a way to proceed to get 3D working on ubuntu 9.04? Do things improve with another flavor of Ubuntu? If so, I'm open to upgrading...

Edit: the binary that I try to load is the
Product Type: Quadro
Product Series: Quadro FX Series
Product: Quadro FX 3700
Download Type: Quadro Graphic Driver
Operating System: Linux 64
Language: English (US)

Not a 3D Vision driver, which does not seem to exist for Linux anyway.


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