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Default Re: Boot problem with GTX 460

As I said, Windows/drivers have nothing to do with. If I shutdown the PC, with the case's power button in the booting screen (bios etc), and then power it on again, it still switches graphics. I can do this all the time without even starting windows. nvidia --> onboard --> nvidia --> onboard etc, just using the cases button. And it seems to always remember the card that will boot as long as the PSU has power. When I cut power from the PSU just for little, the next boot is guaranteed nvidia.

One of the most craziest problems I have seen. I think am soon going to RMA the GTX card, no other solution. And it is a shame because it works great. If it still has problem, I don't know, I'll just sell it somewhere. (I can't exchange with somethine else I think) and forget about nvidia cards with this motherboard.
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