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Default Re: Phones getting too big, where to carry it?

Originally Posted by Destroy View Post
Here's an example. I mountain bike a lot and could definitely use the phone in case of emergences.

Smaller flip phone I could easily pad and safely put in my underseat tail pack with zero worries.

Where do I carry the iBrick type phones? Won't fit in my pack that's for sure. Put on my body and could easily damage it if I fall.

Grrrrr. Need an iPhone that the screen folds in half so it can be smaller.
Put it in your pocket and don't fall off your bicycle.
I put my phone in my pocket and ride a motorcycle which goes at much higher speeds then you can obtain on a bicycle and I don't worry about falling and damaging my phone. If I was worried about falling I'd be way more worried about myself than my phone and if I was that worried I'd drive a car.
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