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Default Re: Just got a brand new GTX 460 1GB, and I gotta say...

To put it into perspective, the HD 5770 (especially if overclocked) mostly keeps up with HD 5830 in a lot of scenarios, especially at medium resolutions and with medium amounts of AA and AF. And, HD 5830 is about equal with GTX 460 and 465 in most scenarios.

Plus you have the factor of all the "cool" reviews out there sing uber-powerful CPUs with zero CPU limitation going on, allowing the cards to run as wild as they want to. Hey that's cool but does not reflect what most people have, which is rigs more like yours. With a reasonable amount of CPU limitation (using an I5 or 4 core Phenom around 3.2, or 3-core around 3.5) these cards perform even closer, which should be a better known-fact.

You shouldn't have gone from HD 5770 to GTX 460. If you'd have gotten a 470 it'd be a different story for you. You should have researched a little deeper.

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