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Default 3D Plasma or LCD LED

Guys, I'm buying a new TV, have narrowed it down to 2 Samsungs. One a 7000 series 58" Plasma 3D ready, the other a 55" LED LCD no 3D, both can be done at the same price. It just comes down to the tech. Things to consider.

I play a lot of console games and listen to music with Windows Media Centre 7, so burn in may be an issue, I'm not sure, never had a plasma before.
The room the TV will be in is very bright with direct sun ligh in the morning, but it has effective vertical blinds.
I tried the 3D, I notice a lot of flickering, this is across all TVs I tried and happens in the cinema, so 3D isn't that important to me.

So it comes down to picture quality. Are the LED TVs better? Has anyone here tried a Sammysung 3D plasma? It's bigger and plasma has often proved it can hold it's own when it come to quality.
With the Plasma they reckon they'll throw in 4 sets of 3D glasses, they are 150AUD a pop here, so that's not bad.

Tough decision. My head hurts from it all. I also request swiff replies, I plan to purchase the TV shortly.

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